Threat Report: New trends in DDoS attack sizes, vectors, and targets

By Jeffrey Lyon Thursday, January 30, 2014
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Black Lotus is starting off the new year with a major shift in how DDoS attack data is handled, analyzed, and ultimately released to the public. In previous years it has been our policy to selectively release some data to the media but largely keep the trends and metrics that we observe a secret. In the modern age of information security, the recognized convention is to share data in hopes of making the internet a safer place to conduct business. We will release a Threat Report each month with a more comprehensive version released quarterly and annually. In the January edition:

  • Distributed reflection denial of service (DrDoS) is helping attackers launch huge volumetric attacks exceeding 100 Gbps in volume.
  • Attackers are preferring to target infrastructure, finding it easier to inundate routers than to target applications directly.
  • DDoS attacks from mobile devices (mDDoS) makes its first significant appearance in Black Lotus traffic reports.

For more information, please download the full Threat Report: